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Band:  The Heartless Aisha

THE HEARTLESS AISHA were formed in 2012. The band has just been starting to work together, but the members have experiences in the Hungarian music scene. If you like Saosin, Funeral for a Friend or even Deaf Havana, you will feel THA’s fresh, energetic pure rock music.

The debut song ’Finding Myself’ (2012) with a music video was released last year. It was the starting point for THA’s first EP. The band did some gigs last year and started to write original songs. In the winter months they released an acoustic live video session with four acoustic songs directly from the band’s rehearsal room. These songs won’t be recorded or released, but mean a lot for the band, because this project gave a great help to find the own sound of the band and mix the different ideas in order to create the original THA-feeling.

Finally the first THA EP called ’Confused’ just came out on 22 May 2013. The EP contains five tracks: 1. Hope.God.Love, 2. Crossroad, 3. Finding Myself, 4. Confused, 5. Fear.Devil.Hate. The songs are about the everyday feelings of the average people; confusion of love and hate, happiness and apathy, hope and hopelessness. Meanwhile the band produced their second music video for the song ’Hope.God.Love’, and the full ’Confused’ EP is available on YouTube and Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and many other online stores.

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